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Award Categories


Websites and Web Platforms
Web-accessible interactive experiences.

Interactive experiences delivered via app on phone, tablet or touchscreen.


Branded Environments
Architecture and environments that bring to life a brand, service, or product.

Spaces, Places, and Cities
Projects that improve the urban fabric, including urban planning, architecture, and interactive products such as kiosks or apps.

Items geared toward mass consumers and niche markets.

Work created while attending either an undergraduate or graduate program, or within a year of graduation.

Fashion and Beauty (NEW)
Breakthrough ideas in fashion and beauty, including products, environments, and services.

Consumer products geared towards health and well-being, including apps, medical devices, fitness trackers, and athletic equipment.

Social Good
Projects that aid developing countries or underprivileged communities.

Graphic Design and Data Visualization
Visual design that serves a function, from typography to branding to data visualization. Includes both static and interactive design.

Concepts, prototypes, and other projects intended to push boundaries and excite the imagination.

User Experience
Projects that encompass the many stages of an experience from beginning to end, from taking a vacation to visiting the doctor.

General Excellence (NEW)
The most innovative designs with no category restrictions, selected by Fast Company editors.

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