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Accessing the iPad Edition with Your Account Number

To Access the iPad edition with your print subscription account number please follow the below steps:

  1. Download the free Fast Company Magazine App from the Apple App Store. (For instructions on how to download the App please click here.)

  2. Register your account by tapping on the subscribe button and selecting “I Have a Print Subscription."

  3. In the new window select to confirm your account with one of the three choices: Email Address, Name and Mailing Address, Account Number. Enter the required information and tap “Submit."

  4. In the new window verify your email address and tap “Continue."

  5. After tapping “Continue” you will receive confirmation of your account registration as well as your username and password for the App.

  6. Close the confirmation window and tap “Sign in” on the top left-hand corner of the App Homepage. Log in with your username and password and begin enjoying the Fast Company Magazine App!
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