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iPad App Pages Appear Gray/Can’t See Content on Pages

We use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for the Fast Company iPad App. The gray page that you are experiencing seems to be a memory issue with Adobe.

Here is the answer Adobe offers for correcting this problem: 

"If your bundled folio appears in the Viewer as a single gray page, it could indicate a problem with the Viewer installation or a low-memory state.

Restart your device. If the gray page still appears, delete the Viewer from both iTunes (or the equivalent for your device) and the Viewer for your device. Then install the Viewer again to your device and iTunes (or the equivalent for your device).

The iPad has physical memory limitations. Adjacent pages with rich interactive content can cause memory problems that result in the gray screen appearing. The Viewer renders multiple adjacent pages simultaneously to optimize navigation. Therefore, it's likely that three adjacent stacks beyond 30 MB can strain the available memory for the application."

Many issues of Fast Company feature interactive content. If the restart does not work, you may need to free up some memory on your device.

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